Why should I register and what does it mean?

If you register on the site you only enter your information once and then you can comment on any forum, take part in any survey and get updates on the issues you are interested in. 

Once you've registered, you just login with your username and password whenever you come back to the site.

Some of our surveys and discussion forums need you to register or login before you can share your views while others are open to everyone, whether they've registered or not.

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The information you provide will be kept securely and electronically by NHS Liverpool CCG in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We will use it to contact you about our work and the health system in Liverpool. Your details will not be sold or passed on to other organisations for other purposes. We may send this information to organisations we have relevant legal contracts with such as the company that handle our communication system. If this is required the information is securely exchanged for a specified purpose only within the legal agreement. We do not combine the data you give us here with data from any other sources.

Your username/screen name will be visible if you comment on forums, so if you wish to be anonymous pick a username accordingly. Your other information, such as email etc, are never visible.

When you register, we also ask you to tell us a bit more about yourself. You don't have to answer those questions but we use the information you provide to monitor whether there are communities across the city we are not speaking with / hearing from as part of our equalities commitments.

If you're unsure or would like any help please email us.

What are the advantages in using the online forum?

The online forum is a quick, safe and convenient way to have your say on a range of issues and topics and for you to help guide the NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group in making important decisions.

  • It is a great way to keep up to date and contribute your views on issues affecting your community.
  • You can see what other community members think about an issue or topic, respond to their comments and develop ideas together.
  • You don't have to attend community meetings at a set place and time,in fact by participating online you can contribute at a time and place that suits you.
  • Online dicussion forums allow for a range of different people, with different views, to express their views and ideas and to discuss and work together on matters that impact on their community.