SURVEY: How can we provide better care to people living in care homes?

over 1 year ago

As part of Healthy Liverpool, we are looking at how we can ensure that care outside of hospitals is really joined up around the individual needs and wishes of people and how the way care is provided can put people in control of their health care.

We think the way care is provided to people living in care homes could be improved by doctors, nurses, social workers and therapy staff all working together in a more joined up way.

You can learn more about what this would mean and how it would benefit people living in Liverpool care homes by clicking here.

To inform how care is joined up and how improvements are made we would really like to understand, from your perspective, what might already be working well with the care either you or your family member receives, what you think about what is being proposed and how you think care could be improved.

You can share your views by completing the short online survey here.

The closing date for providing a response is Friday 9 September 2016.