Why do we need Healthy Liverpool?

Liverpool has high levels of poor health compared to other parts of the country and even within the city there are big variations.

On average, people in poorer parts of the city live 12 years less than those in wealthier areas. This needs to change.

Healthy Liverpool is about arranging our health services in a way that means you will receive the same high standard of care no matter where you are and that our health services are set up right to meet the needs of this and the next generation.

Who is behind Healthy Liverpool?

Healthy Liverpool is being led by NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which is made up of all GP practices in Liverpool.

We are working closely with the city’s NHS organisations – including hospitals and community services - and Liverpool City Council, along with other public services and community organisations.

We need you to get involved and share your views so we can get it right. 

What is Healthy Liverpool looking at specifically?

Healthy Liverpool is split into five areas which were chosen following input from local health and care professionals and the people of Liverpool:

·  Living Well - helping the whole city get moving, so that we can all enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of physical activity.

·  Digital Care and Innovation - using the latest technology to help people stay well, and making it possible for different parts of our health and social care system to  share information more easily and making it easier for you to see your medical records.

·  Community Services - providing more services closer to home, making it easier to see your GP and providing care for people who are vulnerable or need more attention, before they become ill. This also looks at ways to support people which aren’t about medical treatments but affect our health.

·  Urgent and Emergency Care - making it easier to find the right service when you need it, seven days a week, and helping people avoid unnecessary time in hospital.

·  Hospital Services - ensuring that all of our hospitals offer consistently high standards of care by working more closely together.   

How can I share my views?

We will be running events, online surveys and face-to-face discussions from January to March 2016.

Healthy Liverpool covers many different areas of health care, so each activity will focus on a specific area. This means you can have your say on the areas which most interest you and where you can make a real difference.

Details of these activities will be promoted on our website, through social media and through mainstream media such as newspapers and radio. We are also sending information direct to every household in Liverpool.

We are doing this with the support of our voluntary and community sector partners, who help us ensure that a wide range of voices are heard.